Discosphaera by Iona Scott

Discosphaera tubifera is a type of marine micro plant. These tiny plants are responsible for producing approximately half the oxygen on Earth.

My Artwork aims to enable a closer connection with these incredible lifeforms.
Over many years I have developed my work in different disciplines that work together to enhance our understanding of where they are and what they look like.
I am currently making light sculptures of three types of plankton which link to animations of them in their natural habitat.
These animations can be viewed online, in VR or as large-scale projections. 

One of my Stereoscopic animations 'Swimming with phytoplankton in 3D' was resident at Kew Gardens from 2004-2017.

Please click on the ancient algae article to read about hoe Micropia is 'Discovering the oceans's disco balls'.

Please click on the Burning Man picture below to go to my Youtube Channel 'Planktonworld' where there is a recording of my VR app 'Shrunk' and of the Test Installation of my Plankton Light Sculptures at Micropia Museum in Amsterdam.