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Iona Scott’s Plankton Light Sculptures are inspired by the Discosphaera Tubifera, a type of single-celled marine microplant – or phytoplankton, a term for all green micro-organisms in water, such as green algae, cyanobacteria and diatoms. They are invisible to the human eye and yet are responsible for producing approximately 50% of the oxygen on our planet. 

“One would think that if things get smaller, they get more simple, but these micro-organisms with their geometric shapes get more complicated, and there are so many that we haven’t even recorded them all. Just because we can’t see them, doesn’t mean they are not there!” Iona Scott 

Iona’s artworks take the signature geometric form of the one-million-times-magnified 6ft ‘Discosphaera,’ as a colour-changing light sculpture linked via QR code to a virtual representation of the invisible world they inhabit. So, the beautiful, eye-catching 3D sculptures create a seamless and mesmerising journey from our world, through the threshold into the submarine realm, represented in animations such as this one, and conveyed through virtual, immersive and interactive technologies.

In this way, the works stimulate a closer connection for all audiences with the incredible tiny submarine lifeforms through visual and sensory experiences, helping to raise awareness about their vital importance to the entire marine ecosystem.

Iona has shown her work through a variety of exhibitions and collaborations, with recent presentations ranging from The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew and Micropia Museum at ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo, to Glastonbury Festival and Burning Man, alongside a variety of gigs, symposiums and outdoor urban environments.

And she is keen to continue to support and work with a variety of organisations on their educational and environmental projects – so potential collaborators are encouraged to get in touch!

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You can read more about Iona Scott’s work which is currently on show at Micropia Museum:


'We are really excited to have the three plankton light sculptures created by Iona Scott at Micropia this Winter. This year we are partners with The Amsterdam Festival of Light and this participating exhibit perfectly illustrates our ethos to make the invisible visible in original and unique ways'.
Jasper Buikx, Head of Micropia, Amsterdam

'Well it was fantastic as the marine micro plants are so vital and your display was a wonderful way to show them'.
Pete Morris, Head of The Marine Display, Kew Gardens

'It is my pleasure to recommend Iona Scott. What strikes me about Iona is the clear purpose of her artistic practice and her long-term dedication and realisation of her vision. Iona has a creative track record that is strong and inventive, she is quite clearly committed to creating high quality multi-disciplinary boundary-breaking and beautiful experiences to inspire all generations. As a resident at the Fusebox creative innovation hub for the last four years, I know that Iona has been a collaborative and positive influence. She has worked with other residents supporting a number of their projects'.
Phil Jones, MD, Wired Sussex